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Established Sikh, Hindu, Muslim and Civil Wedding Film and Photographers.

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I’ve put together this free guide to save yourself from disappointment as your special day is a day to

remember for happy memories and not for how things may have gone wrong.


So if you’d like to know what questions you need to be asking to find the perfect photographer or videographer for your wedding day, pop in your email and click the link below to download your Free E-Book today.

Client Name: Paige Austin

Just WOW…Where do we start!
When I tell you, this company went above and beyond from start to finish, I seriously mean they went above and beyond everybody’s expectations. Nothing was too much at all. They did everything we asked of them and everything was down to perfection. They really made our day extra special. I can’t thank T enough. I was definitely a picky bride lol, but T was extremely professional and made us feel so so comfortable. He made everyone relaxed on the day and really engaged with our friends and family. Everyone you need to book him!!! He is the best of the best!!!


A team of creative professionals, passionate about capturing the finest, most emotive, memorable moments of your event.

Each event is unique and we continuously strive to make your special day, one to remember. We specialise in cinematic weddings, therefore prior to your big day, communication and planning timelines are crucial. This will ensure that your big day goes smoothly and is captured on film like a movie.
To make sure we document your wedding as it happens, our hands-on, committed crew will collaborate directly with you.

Each event is unique and we continuously strive to make your special day, one to remember

Get in touch today to discuss the various packages and range of equipment we can offer to cover your event.

Brides face captured through the cerimonial sword
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